Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Newton Theatre hosts "The Genesis Show"

Genesis fans all have their favorite period of the bands long history. Some enjoy the progressive rock sound and elaborate costumes & theatricality of the Peter Gabriel era. Others favor the middle period, when Phil Collins took over the lead singer role. That’s when the group moved away from the costumes, but retained the elaborate lyrics & progressive rock style, while adding a hint of jazz into their music. And there are many fans of the band’s third version, as the group re-invented itself yet again and achieved its greatest mainstream success as a trio, with Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford adding pop & R&B sensibilities to their sound. Whatever time period is your favorite (and many fans, like myself, enjoy the band’s entire ouvre) you can find multiple tribute bands out there on the road who play the music of Genesis.

The Genesis Show - photo by John V
One of the best is The Genesis Show, who performed a show at The Newton Theatre in New Jersey on Saturday night, November 19. This band narrows its focus to the 1976-82 period of Genesis' musical output. For this concert, the group recreated music from the “Wind & Wuthering Tour,” which was featured on the 1977 live album, Seconds Out. This was the last recording by Genesis to feature original guitarist Steve Hackett.  The Genesis Show, led by Jeff Giulanni on lead vocals and drums, did a masterful job recreating the elaborate live arrangements & sound of songs like “Eleventh Earl of Mar” and “Supper’s Ready.”  The appreciative audience of diehard fans clearly enjoyed the show, as the group moved its way through classics like “I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)” and “The Carpet Crawlers,” and a beautiful rendition of “Your Own Special Way,” highlighted by Giulanni’s passionate singing.

The group also managed to sneak in a surprise or two, including compelling takes on “Blood on the Rooftops” and “Unquiet Slumber for the Sleepers...In That Quiet Earth.” Other band members included the nimble fingers of Andre De Champlain on bass, the fluid guitar work of Stephen McQuaid, and the soaring sounds of Matt Thomas on keyboards. And let’s not forget the solid drumming of Vince Corda, who faithfully recreated the double drum sound originally provided by Chester Thompson and Collins, by banging the skins alongside Giulanni. Their skills were especially evident on an energetic version of "Dance on a Volcano" and "Los Endos." The evening also featured a solid light show (a staple of Genesis concerts throughout the years) and a number of slides & videos echoing the art & music of the “Wind & Wuthering” period were projected onto the walls near the stage during several songs.

The band members are very clearly fans of these songs, and their passion & love for Genesis was echoed in their excellent playing. It was a terrific and entertaining night of music, and the band left the crowd wanting more. After two excellent sets, and an encore, we were all clearly basking in the “Afterglow” (pun intended) of a fantastic concert. The Genesis Show is a South Jersey/Philadelphia based band, and many of their shows & appearances are centered in that area. If you’re a fan, and you get the chance to see them, it is truly worth the trip. Here’s a link to their website: http://www.thegenesisshow.com, and some video highlights of their live performances: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xfjh2HONWw.

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