Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Marc Platt's "No AI: Plattinum Approved"

Here at Eclectic Avenue, I've regularly covered the exceptional music of singer-songwriter Marc Platt. He consistently knocks it out of the park on his stellar albums; his previous work includes such terrific releases as Colors of the Universe, That Mid-Life Crisis, and The Golden Ticket. Following the excellent Runaway Train, which was issued earlier this year, his latest album, No AI: Plattinum Approved, is yet another impressive record.

Platt's music is reflective, thought-provoking and powerful. As listeners, the insightful lyrics of "No Way To Live" "Dark Clouds," and "Sad Thought of Being Alone," allow us to both connect with and empathize with Marc as a person, and an artist. We've all experienced feelings of love, loss, joy and sadness, and I think you'll deeply feel the soul-baring emotion inherent in songs like "It's Father's Day Again" and "Those Shades of Grey."

The production (also by Platt) on No AI: Plattinum Approved is low-key, which is a perfect fit for these poignant, folk-inflected songs, from the austere "The Giving" to the contemplative "Sad About A Girl." Speaking of folk, the album also includes a cover of "Very Last Day," a tune originally composed by Paul Stookey, recorded by Peter, Paul and Mary, and later covered by none other than The Hollies. Platt's top-notch version of this remarkable song deftly illustrates his fondness for 1960s pop, rock and folk.

No AI: Plattinum Approved is a fantastic record, featuring Platt's masterful, folk-styled guitar work, emotion-infused vocals, and superb songwriting. It's an album that will definitely grow on you with subsequent spins. I think it will quickly become one of your favorites. You should definitely visit https://marcplatt.bandcamp.com/album/no-ai-plattinum-approved, to check out and purchase the album. You'll also find several of his previous releases at bandcamp as well. I highly recommend taking a deep dive into the wonderful music of Marc Platt.

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